Acting is a collaborative process. To achieve success both professionally and artistically, an actor must fully trust their instincts and execute their choices with clarity and flexibility. A partner in preparation is essential to guide the actor within their personal process.

The Actor's Iceberg:

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About Colleen

Clients include KERRY WASHINGTON (Emmy and Golden Globe nominee for ABC 's "Scandal"), ARIA SONG (Paramount Network's "Yellowstone") and AUSTIN BASIS (CW's "Beauty & The Beast") 


Former Casting Assistant to Casting Directors Paul Weber, Jeff Meshel & Tracy Lilienfiled. Assisted on pilots for The CW and Showtime. 

Studied at The Michael Howard Studios with Patsy Rodenburg, Olympia Dukakis and Ali Farahnkian, and Larry Singer of The Larry Singer Studios. 

Graduate of The George Washington University

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A Partner in Preparation

Her wide variety of industry experience has enhanced Colleen’s philosophy that acting is a collaborative process. She believes it is extremely beneficial for an actor to have a partner in preparation. An actor’s creative process and career trajectory isn’t “One Size Fit’s All." Actors are on an individual, non-linear journey. Colleen provides a personalized, "real world" functional approach to the challenges actors face.

Whether you are an industry veteran or an up & comer, the audition is a microcosm of what will be demanded of you on set. The actor must be a constant collaborator with their training, their technique, their emotions, their instincts and their environment. Colleen focuses on going from the audition to the set in the most informed way possible, based on real world experience. She bridges the gap between the actor's training and the execution of that training in a professional setting. Her functional approach helps guide the actor within their personal process- in order for them to fully trust their instincts, execute their choices with clarity and flexibility, and achieve success both professionally and artistically.


Private Coaching Session- Now Available via Virtually!

An Actor’s creative process and career trajectory isn’t “One Size Fit’s All.” Actors are on an individual, non-linear journey. Private Coaching with Colleen is a valuable tool that provides a personalized approach to the challenges the actor faces now, and the ones they will face over the longevity of their career. 

  • Self-Tape Auditions: Coaching, Remote Reader, Remote Filming & Take Choice

  • Preparing For What’s Next: Prepare & Self-Tape hand-picked audition sides to be ready for your next opportunities.

  • Zoom/Virtual Audition & Meeting Coaching

  • Cultivating Useful Actor Habits and Behaviors

  • Reel Footage Coaching

  • Personalized Coaching For Booked Projects

Please Include current headshot, resume & reel.

Private Coaching with Colleen is open to adult actors ages 18 & older.

For professional actors ages 15-17 , an Industry Consultation

is a pre-requisite for Private Coaching. Email to inquire,

and include the actor's headshot & resume.

Industry Consultation Session- Now Available via Virtually!

Sometimes actors have questions about the complexities of the industry, need strategies for the next steps in their career or want to work through individual industry sticking points. ​​​

  • Self-Tape Set-Up: Evaluation & Recommendations

  • Digital Etiquette- Social Media​ Presence, Zoom/Video Chat, Professional Communications

  • Demo Reel Footage Evaluation & Editing Recommendations

  • Current Materials (Headshots, Reel, Resume, Casting Profiles) Evaluation 

  • Strategies About Representation

  • Cultivating Useful Actor Habits and Behaviors

  • Navigating Career Transitions

  • Moving or New to Los Angeles Strategies

Please Include current headshot, resume & reel.

Industry Consultations are open to adult actors ages 18 & older.

For professional actors ages 15-17 , an Industry Consultation

is a pre-requisite for Private Coaching, and must be accompanied

by a parent/guardian to the session. Email to inquire, and include the actor's headshot & resume.

Group Classes- Now Available via Virtually!

On-Set Coaching

Rates vary based on project demands and will be determined on an individual basis

Payment Info  

Preferred payment is via Venmo, Cash App,  Zelle or PayPal. To pay through Colleen's website with a credit card there is a $2.50 fee. 

Gift Certificates  

Sending an e-Gift Certificate for a Service with Colleen is a wonderful way to support an actor at any stage of their career.

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Cancelation Policy

Please DO NOT come to your in person session sick! If you are not feeling well even if it's the night before or day of your appointment, please reach out to Colleen ASAP to let me know. We can work via Zoom.

If a conflict or illness arises before your appointment please reach out directly to Colleen via email or text ASAP to re-schedule.

Cancellations/Re-Schedules made 12 to 4 hours before of the scheduled appointment will be charged 50% of the session cost unless the conflict is due to an audition or illness.

Cancellations/Re-Schedules with in 4 hours up until time of the appointment will be charged 100% of the session cost unless the conflict is due to an audition or illness.



Podcast Interview



Rachael Drummond


"Colleen is an awesome coach. She helps me with the scene itself but also with my preparation, attitude and outlook about the business of auditioning. I feel so supported by her!"

Arlene Victoria Conrad


"Working with Colleen helped me to polish my performance and turn out great auditions! She is very easy to work with, helps you to evaluate your character and really live in their skin. I love working with her and I encourage everyone to train with Colleen!"

Alikona Bradford


"She is great with pushing each student according to their individual level of experience and has an uncanny eye for breaking down characters in ways the actor may have not seen at first analysis. She is passionate about her craft and most importantly treats you and your dreams with dignity and respect. You'll never leave class feeling defeated, which for me is huge in this industry."

Austin Basis


"I have seen firsthand how much of a positive effect Colleen has on her students- and on me when I work or self-tape with her. Her acting training & her experience in the industry has prepared her to be an extremely informed advisor & coach. Her intuition & ability to work with each actor individually based on their unique talents & experience level is quite possibly her greatest asset as a teacher & coach."

Jennifer Ball


"I think Colleen must have a sixth sense in which she just knows exactly what is going on with each individual actor in front of her and helps them develop into their full potential. Her on camera audition classes have been invaluable as well. Not only is Colleen an excellent coach, she is also very kind and genuinely cares about each and every actor she works with."

Sibongile Ngako


"Working with Colleen helped me take my acting to the next level.  She has a natural intuition for knowing how to bring the best out of actors and strikes the perfect balance between challenging her clients and building confidence. Her years of experience in the business and knowledge of the industry also make her a wonderful advisor on figuring out your wheelhouse and marketing yourself as an actor."



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Have a question for Colleen or not sure what to do next...just reach out! 


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