On-Camera Acting & Auditioning


The Sanford Meisner Center

112 S. San Fernando Blvd.
Burbank, CA 91502

NEW Students:


First Drop-In Class


On-Going: $200/month*

Drop-In: $60/class*

To sign-up email Colleen at

*On-Going payment are due by first class of the month via Cash, Venmo, Cash App or Zelle.

*Drop-In payments are due by the

start of class at 12pm via Cash, Venmo, Cash App or Zelle.

(You must sign-up with Colleen by 12pm on Friday to receive personalized sides to prepare for the next day’s class. If you sign up after that time, you will be given sides to cold read day of)

Other payment arrangements can be made on an individual basis with Colleen.

CLASS with COLLEEN is open to adult actors ages 18 & older. For professional actors ages 15-17 please have a parent/guardian inquire about scheduling an Industry Consultation to discuss if Private Coaching with Colleen

would be a good fit.

Email to inquire, and include the actor's headshot & resume.

What Is CLASS with


CLASS with COLLEEN is a functional space where you can exercise YOUR Useful Preparation, practice your audition skills, explore new skills, and participate in a collaborative process and grow from it. Actors need a place to keep the rust off, a space to land when things are busy, ask complicated questions that have complicated answers, work through transitions in their process & career, and to get ready for the “Big Audition” before they get the call for the “Big Audition.”

What Is the CLASS Format?

You will receive individual, handpicked audition sides from me, prepare them and bringing them in to class as if it was an audition. Using the framework of the audition, we will explore what Useful Preparation means for the individual actor, and engage different acting exercises and preparation techniques to ensure that actors are bring their best possible work to their auditions and beyond. We will, of course, be working on-camera for portions of the class.


For those of you who have worked one-on-one with me, the format will be very familiar.


How Do I Sign-Up?

To Sign-Up for CLASS with COLLEEN, email me directly at


For new students, I often schedule an intro phone call before your first class. Having an individual, one-on-one discussion with you helps me determine if CLASS with COLLEEN is the right fit for you.

The Inspiration...

I take frequent hikes with 2 dear friends who have been an integral part of my artistic community since my days of being a young & wild actor in NYC. My time spent with them always reminds how important cultivating community is to having a healthy artistic life & career. Many of you have already been a part of creating wonderful communities, and some of you are aspiring to build or find a new community. CLASS with COLLEEN is to expand and continue cultivating my own community through the support of The Sanford Meisner Center!

To read about Colleen click here.


If you have questions about scheduling (i.e. coming late, leaving early, being out of town during the month, that kind of thing) or finances, please reach out to me! We will figure it out- I get it! I really, really do. Just email me

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