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Actors are on an individual, non-linear journey. Tailor your creative process & career to you.

Go beyond "One Size Fits All." Personalize your approach.

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“Colleen is a phenomenal acting coach. She coached me for my 'Scandal' audition. Working with her could change your life!”

Kerry Washington


Meet Colleen Basis

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I am LA-based Acting Coach, and the creator of the popular social media graphic "The Actor's Iceberg". My journey took me from touring the US with Shakespeare right out of college, to studying with the great modern day acting teachers in New York City, to assisting amazing Casting Directors like Tracy Lilienfiled & Paul West, to coaching some of the most recognizable faces on Film & TV like Kerry Washington, EJ Johnson, Rebekka Johnson, Reggie Austin, and of course, Austin Basis.

What I Specialize In

Theatrical Auditions


For Set

 The Actor's Wheelhouse

The Working Actor's Career

Personalized Approach

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