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Sending an e-Gift Certificate for a service with Colleen is a wonderful way to support an actor at any stage of their career.

If you aren't familiar with what an "Acting Coach" does, think of Private Coaching like personal, one-on-one exercise training for an actor. And then CLASS with COLLEEN is like a group exercise class- like yoga or pilates. Below is a detailed description of my services & rates.

How to Purchase an e-Gift Certificate

  1. Scroll down to review Services & Rates

  2. Fill in YOUR Information

  3. Choose a Service or "Dollar Amount"

  4. Fill in the ACTOR's Information

  5. Include a message for Colleen if you need

  6. Hit Send

  7. ​Colleen will email you back to confirm the information you provided & to arrange payment via Venmo, Cash App, Zelle & PayPal. Other payment arrangements can be made on an individual basis. 

  8. Colleen will send the e-Gift Certificate directly to the Actor unless otherwise requested.

e-Gift Certificate Form 

Thank You! You will receive a confirmation email from Colleen.