The Actor's Audition Tracker


The Actor's Audition Tracker
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The summer can be a good time to rejuvenate habits or gently experiment with new ones. One of the best habits I think an actor can cultivate for their career is to have an accessible list of casting directors & other industry professionals who know their work. So at the end of this entry, I've included a link to my FREE spreadsheet: “The Actor’s Audition Tracker”. It’s a simple way to easily keep track of the opportunities that come your way.

After you download it, you may notice I didn’t include a specific column for “Callback” or “Booked.” Here’s why…for me, the important information to keep track of is the people who see your work, the people who become your fans and collaborators throughout your career. And the reality is you may not know what the “result” is from your work in one audition. It could take years for you to see the #bookedandbusy results from the creative connections you made at different points in your career.

True story…Austin booked a big role on an Emmy Winning show in the spring through a casting office he last saw almost 20 years ago! Which he was able to track thanks to the list he has kept all that time. It didn’t matter that he didn’t book that one job 20 years ago, what mattered is that this casting office became a fan and was excited to see his work again!